School Culture

Maadi Narmer School - School Vision

MNS Vision

Maadi Narmer School will empower its students to realize their fullest potential as lifelong learners by building their sense of integrity, self-awareness, and accountability and creating collaborative partnerships which will enable them to make their best contribution to society.

MNS Mission

Maadi Narmer School aims to fulfil the different individual needs for quality learning, acquisition of knowledge & skills, and cultural development.

By providing motivation for student excellence, MNS will achieve international standards and assist members of the community to reach their full potential as productive members of a changing society.

Maadi Narmer School - School Vision

MNS Objectives

1. Create a cultural and educational environment best suited to building a well-rounded personality for the student.
2. Develop student skills and build creative minds to serve society.
3. Prepare new generations equipped with the tools of modern knowledge in order to interact with the advanced technology of the 21st century.
4. Strengthen the student’s sense of patriotism and the feeling of national affiliation.
5. Deepen religious beliefs and strengthen the ethical framework of the student.

MNS Tools to Meet Its Objectives

1. Modern methods of teaching and instructional aids provided by highly qualified teachers.
2. Library and computers are employed as an important part of the school’s educational system.
3. Field trips and cultural seminars and programs introducing the Egyptian civilization and heritage – all incorporated as part of the school curriculum.
4. Close relationships and understanding between teachers and students who all share the same school vision.
5. Sports fields and playgrounds that help up-grade the students’ level of achievement and develop their physical fitness.

Core Values

Everyone at Maadi Narmer School has intrinsic worth and the capacity to learn and grow to achieve academic excellence. MNS offers a learning environment with a holistic approach to education that develops enjoyment in learning.

Narmerians shall seek opportunities within and beyond the classroom to improve and broaden their education and build their characters to become global citizens that are capable of problem-solving when interacting with the global community.


Armed by a strong desire to grow and equipped by critical thinking skills, Narmerians are lifelong learners that do not shy away from challenges. They have a positive attitude towards learning and are always keen on making new achievements.


Narmerians behave in a manner that exhibits their awareness of their responsibilities and rights, as well as those of others. They are trained to reflect on their actions and learn from their mistakes.

They are held accountable for their own actions, admit when they do not abide by standards, and always strive to be the best version of themselves.


Narmerians have strong moral principles that guide their actions and relations. Maintaining integrity in every aspect of our learning environment is an essential component of MNS mission.


MNS students and staff abide by ethical values. Honesty – speaking the truth and acting truthfully – helps students communicate ideas sincerely, set and recognize boundaries, and build strong relationships.


Narmerians are respectful to everyone on campus and follow the directions of all school officials. Treating others the way you want to be treated is our standard of respect. Teaching students to show consideration to others is crucial to cultivate respect.

Respect – at MNS – does not only include individuals, but involves respect to diversity as well as to nature and the environment.


Narmarians are brought up to realize that, when taking a decision or judging a situation, freedom of bias and the ability to view matters without favouritism to anything but facts are crucial to a sound, fair stance. They are trained to make objective statements that are based on factual information.


Narmerians are supportive of others, serve the community, and are responsible world citizens. They do community work with and for the members of their community and engage in development projects and efforts that help the community improve its overall quality of life.

Citizenship and community work mould the students’ minds positively and deepen their sense of belonging to the wider community.


The safety of each Narmerian is of paramount importance at MNS. Narmerians follow safety rules for themselves and others. They are not allowed to expose themselves, any member of the school community or even the wider community to any hazards.

Care for Property:

Narmerians are taught the value of everything, and they know how to care for property and, therefore, all school property is treated with respect—textbooks, furniture, walls, sports equipment, computers, etc.


Brought up with the value of tolerance and respect for others, Narmerians have the ability and willingness to accept opinions and people that they disagree with. Promoting social equality at school, we have zero tolerance for any act that implies a lack of respecting differences.


Narmerians are trained to be able to complete a required task or fulfil an obligation before or at a previously designated time. They understand that they are part of an interdependent whole and thus are responsible for their part and have to deliver on time.