School Activities

Believing in the importance of activities in developing the students’ social lives as well as their academic ones, MNS offers our students the opportunity to actively get involved in a variety of extracurricular school activities and events all through the academic year — from sport, music and drama to personal development, trips and end of year performances.

Not only do these activities provide our students with a productive break from the academic work and open their minds to new interests and views outside the classrooms, but they also help them develop their social skills outside their usual circles and offer them an opportunity to interact and build closer bonds with others who share similar interests.

Developing an all-rounded student who is evolved intellectually, spiritually, socially as well as physically is what activities are all about.

Rules & Policies

  1. Activity attendance is obligatory.
  2. The online registration system will not allow any registration after the deadline; consequently, students will not have the right to choose and will join the available activity.
  3. All sports activities participants will perform during MNS Sports day, and all creative activities participants will perform in MNS End of Year performance.
  4. All sports activity participants must wear their PE uniform and their black sports shoes during the activity day.
  5. There is no early departure permissions allowed during our activity day.
  6. All activity participants should get an extra bottle of water.
  7. All outdoor activity participants should wear caps.
  8. No breaks are allowed during activity classes.


At MNS, school trips are an extension of our mission to develop our students’ characters. In both fun and educational trips, students get the chance to learn in a different environment, out of the classrooms.

MNS trips provide unique opportunities for kinesthetic learning in which the students are encouraged to get engaged with people, places and buildings in new ways. 

Trips Policy

  1. In case of being absent when the trip letter is given out, the student is entitled to have to pay later, given a copy of the letter sent by one his/her parents stating that the child was absent.
  2. In case of desire to postpone the payment day, a week is given after receiving a letter from one of the parents requesting this.
  3. In case of sickness before the trip day (organized by the school), the child is entitled to a full refund after sending an email attaching a medical report. However, in case of trips with travel agencies, a partial refund is given (from 50% to 70%).
  4. The meeting point for all trips, except abroad ones, is the school premises. Parents are not allowed to pick up their kids from anywhere except the school.
  5. The deadline for any trip is a week after the trip letter is given out. The trip itself is a week from the last installment (except for abroad trips).