School Communication and Learning Management System

Maadi Narmer School - School Communication and Learning

SCL is our school communication platform intended for improving teacher/parent/student effective interaction through encouraging students and teachers to have an open channel of communication for a better learning environment.

Registration Guide

 To Register Student’s Account, Go to

  • Write student’s code for student.
  • Select registration type (Student) then click the “Validate” Button.
  •  ‘Go to Log in Area’ to log in using the registered email and password.

The SCL has created login details (as a parent) and will be automatically sent by the system to login directly via this link:

Email: {{email}}

Password: {{password}}

Very Important Note:

  1. Download SCL on your mobile device.
  2. Install SCL Mobile Application to be always updated with School & Student Activities.
  3. Your School Code: MNS.


  1. First Download SCL Mobile Application on your device, or if your device is Android, or if your device running iOS and you can scan the QR Code.
  2. After Installation Complete on your Mobile, enter your School code on your SCL Mobile Application, and then click confirm.
  3. Login using your current SCL Account Email & Password.

Very Important Note:

  1. If you are already registered, DO NOT enter your code again.
  2. For Parents: your registered e-mail should be different than your child’s email, do not use the same email twice for registration.   

Anytime you want to access SCL web you can visit using the created credential

Maadi Narmer School - School Communication and Learning