Prep & Sec

Life Skills Lessons:

Good engineers, doctors, teachers, and businessmen/women are only successful with skills that enable them to understand and manage their emotions and their thoughts, to communicate well, and to face challenges with a growth mentality and resilience.

These are skills that are not tackled enough through the different academic subjects that are part of their academic program. MNS has thus decided to offer a weekly Life Skills lesson, prepared and managed by English Language teachers, to cover all such areas.

In Preparatory 1 and 2, following internationally acclaimed programs, the lesson tackles topics such as knowing oneself, identifying goals and working towards them, effective communication, interpersonal effectiveness, resilience, navigating emotions, and creating a compassionate classroom.

Preparatory 3 students are offered the internationally studied and approved Skills Training for Emotional Problem-Solving for Adolescents (DBT STEPSA). This program tackles four main topics:

  • Mindfulness.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Distress tolerance.
  • Emotional regulation.

The fun and value-packed lessons are well appreciated and enjoyed by our students and teachers alike.

Community Service:

Human beings are social creatures: they live and thrive in groups and have an innate need for belonging to a community.

To deepen our student’s sense of responsibility and to enhance their perception of themselves as active agents of change, we have tailored a community service program through which our Secondary Stage students provide support to younger students both in class and during breaks.

This program also extends to include projects beyond the school walls, including Children at Risk, families of challenging economic life situations, the children’s Hospital of Abou El Reish, and other areas where our student’s efforts can be invested.

For example, students have planned and led a fund-raising camp to generate funds for Abou El Reish hospital, as well as run fund-raising activities during breaks.

Participation in NMUN:

The past few years have witnessed a growing interest from the semi-international division students to participate in the IG-led MUN event.

Students show self-discipline and put great efforts into learning how this international body functions and how to best represent the countries they are assigned, discussing topics such as Human rights, women’s issues, and economy related topics.