The mission of MNS library is to provide students and staff with equitable and timely access to information and to develop the skills needed for lifelong learning.

Use of the Library:

Check out our for the latest technology that is accessible not only from the comfort of your home but also at the click of a button of your mobile. In our three libraries (the Elementary, the middle, and the High stages), students enjoy browsing through our extensive collection of Arabic, English, French and German books.

MNS students of all stages visit the library weekly or biweekly to read for personal leisure or to do research work under the supervision of professional librarians. Students are always encouraged rather than compelled to read. They also have the opportunity to visit the library during breaks or any other free time they have. The library provides a scheme of work based on an Information Literacy curriculum which helps students and teachers to become proficient at accessing, evaluating and using information.

Resources and Facilities:

  • The Library resources cover various subject areas for both the National as well as the British Division. The resources include approximately 20 000 books (English, Arabic, French and German), EBooks and CDs.
  • There are 15 networked computers with internet access.
  • CD-ROM drives include educational and fun filled programs for the elementary stage as well as information filled reference titles for the middle and high school.
  • The library is well equipped with audio visual aids.


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