School Library

MNS has three libraries for the Elementary, Middle, and High School. Students enjoy browsing through our extensive collection of Arabic, English, French and German books. MNS students of all stages visit the library weekly or biweekly to read for personal leisure or to do research work under the supervision of professional librarians. Students are always encouraged rather than compelled to read. They also have the opportunity to visit the library during breaks or any other free time they have.

Resources and Facilities:

The school library resources cover various subject areas for both the Semi-international as well as British divisions. The resources include approximately 22,000 books, e-books, and CDs as well as 15 networked computers with internet access.

CD-ROM drives include educational and fun-filled programs for the elementary stage as well as information-filled reference titles for middle and high school.

All libraries are well-equipped with audiovisual aids.

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