Nursery & KG

100th Day of School

The 100th day of school marks a special day in the student’s school life. Here, students celebrate spending 100 days at school by engaging in different activities which cover various skills that they have acquired and developed within these 100 days.

Book Buddies

The main purpose of our Book Buddies activity is to create a bond between the upper-grade students and our young ones through the love of reading. Moreover, it is a chance for our young students to practice their evolving reading skills.

Class Activities

We create an effective learning environment by using student-centered class activities that promote the interaction between students, whether working in pairs and/or groups, to maximize their learning experience.

Drama/End of Year Performance

Both create an opportunity for the students to present to their audience what they have learned throughout the academic year. Moreover, these kinds of activities help in increasing the students’ self-confidence and enhance their presentation skills.

KG Graduation Ceremony

This annual ceremony marks an important milestone in the students’ lives, celebrates their achievements, and prepares them for the Primary stage.