Primary 1-3

Educational Fun Activities

It is our philosophy to integrate the educational process with the various learning domains to allow the students to enjoy learning through an authentic
experiential way.

Drama and Music

Our lower primary stage aims at building the student’s confidence and fluency through an annual performance held in the theatre of the Drama Room.

Charity Work

Our school does not merely aim at building the students’ awareness from a very young age of the importance of giving back to society, but it also focuses on promoting their feelings for the needy, sick, and disabled. This is done through fundraising events dedicated to various institutions.

Parties, Projects, and Awards

  • Parties:

Our students collect points to have parties that aim at motivating our individual students as well as whole classes (cross-class competitions) to strive towards doing their best to earn these parties.

  • Projects:

Projects expand students’ knowledge of the subject being taught. We aim at enhancing our students’ confidence, creativity, and self-expression through regular projects done in class and at home.

  • Awards, Ceremonies, and Assemblies:

These are held regularly to acknowledge the students’ accomplishments whether they are academic, musical, artistic, or athletic.