Code of Conduct

Academic Excellence:
Everyone at Maadi Narmer School has intrinsic worth and the capacity to learn and grow.

Nourishing Environment:
MNS  offers a holistic approach to education that develops enjoyment in learning.
Narmerians shall seek opportunities within and beyond the classroom to improve and broaden their education.

Narmerians shall always have a lifelong positive attitude towards learning.

Narmerians behave in a manner that reflects their awareness of their responsibilities and rights, as well as those of others.

Narmerians have strong moral principles that guide their actions and relations.

MNS  abides by ethical values; dishonesty is a serious offense and will result in disciplinary actions.

Narmerians are polite and respectful to everyone on campus and follow the directions of all school officials.

MNS  is committed to developing effective communication, creative thinking, critical reasoning and respect for diversity.

Narmerians are supportive to others, serve the community and are responsible world citizens.

Role Model:
Narmerians are brought up to become role models in their community.

Safety of each Narmerian is of paramount importance at MNS. Narmerians shall follow safety rules for themselves and others.

Care of Property:
All school property is treated with respect—textbooks, furniture, walls, sports equipment, computers, etc.

MNS is a drug-free environment; the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs are prohibited at all times.

School friendships are lifelong relations, they are treasured and valued by Narmerians.

It is a mark of courtesy to greet people and to respond when greeted.

Narmerians are punctual and respect deadlines.

English is the official language of the school and the language of instruction.